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Yesterday, we celebrated my sister’s birthday with her friends. It was difficult to schedule something this year because we left on our vacation the day after her birthday and then we had carnival so that we decided to postpone it until yesterday. We were hoping that most of her friends would be available because it was the day before school and kindergarten started again, but I guess we were wrong. Only three of her friends were able to make it. But never the less, she really enjoyed her birthday. She wanted to have a princess birthday and we made wands to blow bubbles and some nice crowns. And there was the nice princess cake. Happy 4th birthday, little sister!

well, I promised that I would share with you my first experience of being an active part of the Fasnacht (carnival). It all started Monday morning at 4.00 am, but I decided to skip that part because I knew that I had a rather long day ahead of me. We went to the city shortly after lunch to get ready for the first parade. We really bundled up because it was raining really hard. Fortunately, it was not cold. But let me tell you, that first day was rather difficult and not so much fun!  Everything was wet and our masks were damaged by all the rain! Fortunately, I was able to sit on the lantern wagon for a little bit to take a rest. We took some stops, but we were mainly on our feet. We kept going until 10.00 pm! 

On Tuesday, we took a day off and had to repair my mask and hat. If you were wondering why I was dressed so traditionally … The cards on my hat might also look weird to you. They are traditional Swiss cards for a game called “Jass”. Do not ask me how to play it, because I truly do not know. Last summer, the right wing party in Switzerland proposed to teach “Jassen” in schools to improve the kids’ math skills and to promote integration. We took this as an opportunity to use it for our costumes and to hand out these cards to spectators lining the streets.

On Wednesday, we got really excited because the day started out with sunshine! And it stayed like that the entire day. We ventured into the city after lunch again and then participated in the parade. It was so much easier with sunshine, I can tell you! 

And just in case you were wondering …. My Mami was there as well. She was one of the mothers taking care of the 39 kids! I think she really loved it and she has been talking about doing it again next year, even if I do not decide to join again. She was running around quite a bit, but she seemed to have a great time.

Today, we ventured outside again. We took our bicycles and went down to the nearby park. My sister was enthralled by the music that we were hearing: Some people were practicing their piccolos and drums for the three most beautiful days of the year (that’s what we call them here …), our carnival. It will start tomorrow at 4.00 am sharp. I will be also involved this year and I will tell you all about it later on. But back to our afternoon. We drove our bicycles and then I had the idea to go down to our usual spot for throwing some rocks. We had a great time until my sister stepped into the ice cold water. Then, our adventure was cut short and we made it back home quickly to get changed.





Today, we returned from a week of skiing vacation. Let’s start with the positive things: The weather was wonderful, every day, we had hardly any clouds in the sky and it was actually unseasonable warm. Also, I finished my third skiing class and even earned a medal. But then there were some not so positive things: Papi got sick with the flu on the first day and had to stay in bed. Also, my sister was not able to pull through with her skiing classes and Mami decided to pull her out after the second day. And since it was so warm, there was hardly any snow. We were in a little village (population 410 ) close to Davos. It is really sunny there and it was sad to see all the snow melt. We were staying in a hotel for children. They had daycare and a special kid’s program, but we did not really like to go there on our own, especially my sister who always needed my mother, even during the night. But it was wonderful to have some time in the (little) snow and to enjoy the wonderful sunshine.












Today, we celebrated my sister’s fourth birthday. We actually started with the festivities a day ahead of time since Oma and Opa were here to visit. I will never forget the smile that my sister had on her face when we greeted her this morning. She was so excited to open up her presents. And she loved when we sang to her happy birthday, she almost got a little bit embarrassed.
Wow, time really flies! She is growing up so fast and I can hardly believe that she is starting kindergarten this fall. _DSC0409





Yesterday afternoon, we started into the carnival season with a parade in our town. It is open to all the schools and my kindergarten class participated again. It was so much fun and even though it was really cold, it was so nice because the sun was out. My sister participated from the sidelines and collected candy that the other kids were handing out. We did not hand out candy because we were busy drumming our drums!